New Year, New Moon, New Beginnings

Each year, on January 1st, we start over…..our days, our resolutions, our goals, our dreams.  It is almost a never ending cycle.  Throughout the year we accumulate mental lists of accomplishments, failures and “to-dos” left undone.  Developing a good habit of reviewing these tick-marks can help us to do more, go further and dare to dream bigger each year….because the accomplishments list will get longer and the failures and “undones” will slowly get smaller.

I wish to share with you one way in which you can start this good habit in the form of a New Moon ritual and meditation.  New moons are known for their energetic properties of cleansing and banishing, yet are also well known as a time of new beginnings.  It’s just lucky for us that the first major moon phase in our new year just happens to be a New Moon.

May your New Year, 2016, bring you blessings and bright experiences.


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