Angel Tarot Reading: Week of 15Feb2016

Week of 15Feb216_Tarot Reading.jpg

Here is the message I was given by the Angels to share with you this week. ENJOY!!!

The High Priestess is a religious and spiritual leader, a guide. She provides for us instruction and guidance to what it is we seek, never telling us which way we should or should not go.

This week, Haniel’s message to me is of good or positive energies. These positive vibes are all around you and resonating with you on a personal level. You may want to share with the world the great things going on in your life, but this is a time to remain silent, stay within and to yourself. To be silent is one of the tenets of magick and a very important one at that, and so it is important at this time to keep to yourself and be one with Universe…..your own personal cuddle time with no one else to have to share it with. Do, or start that spiritual work you’ve been thinking of. Be silent. Listen. Don’t speak. If you are talking and making noise sharing, and posting, and tweeting all the great things you see happening right before your eyes, you may miss those even more amazing things happening in the background. Don’t miss a message from Universe.

Standing in the smallest sliver of sunlight on a cold winter day can bring a great amount of warmth and a feeling of nourishment during a time when the Sun has been so weakened.

Uriel is telling you to bask in that sliver, in that ray of light. Things are good and your intentions and actions are successful. You may not be able to see the result as of yet, but things must happen on the Astral plane, the Spiritual plane before they are able to manifest on the Physical. Have faith in you, be confident in your skills and work, and stay your course.

The Page of Earth, reversed, can be a bit of a confrontationalist. Not in a negative way though, but in a positive one. The Page can take on, whole heartedly, the aspect of a Devil’s Advocate… making it necessary for you to look at a situation from a different point of view. Right now, I see a glove has been dropped, and a challenge has been raised. Are you willing to accept this challenge? Are you willing to step out, push your own limits, and challenge yourself? New ideas are formulating in your mind, but the only way you will be able to see them through is if you are strong enough to weather the storm and meet the challenge you yourself have put on the table.

If you are ready, know the angels are always there to guide you. Look to Haniel and Uriel for their help with this challenge. You do not have to face it alone, but to grow, you must face it. Ask Uriel for his help in thinking the matter through, formulating solutions, and finding the confidence to trust in your ability to make the decisions needed to be made. Ask Haniel to help you with honing your intuition; with having the faith to trust your gut, your instincts. Listen to them both and rise to the challenge Page has lain before you this week.

Have a very Bright and Blessed week, and may the Angels be with you always.

Rev. WildSerenity



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