Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a holy and beautiful act that has been practiced in nearly all civilizations throughout time.  From censors wafting fragrant smoke inside a church hall, to incense burning on an altar within a shrine, to small bells tinkling in the wind dancing through a garden, to a drum beat signaling the start of a ceremony…..Space Clearing can be as simple or as complex as the practitioner wishes to make it. Anyone can get up in the morning, ring a tiny bell that sits on their nightstand, spritz some flower essence or oil essence water in the air around them, and burn a tiny bit of sage to cleanse and clear the air and energies around themselves and their space.  Whether you do this in a hotel room while traveling or in your bedroom each morning, or you have a someone come in and cleanse and clear your entire building, Space Clearing is highly beneficial to the person who is having it done.

Hello, and thank you for visiting my Emporium.  My name is Rev. WildSerenity and I am one of those practitioners I was just speaking of.  Well, almost.  I am working toward completing my Elemental Space Clearing® certification course with Denise Linn; a renowned author and master of Feng Shui and Space Clearing, creator of the Elemental Space Clearing® course, and founder of the International Institute of Interior Alignment®.  Once I have satisfactorily completed the required in-person “practice” sessions, I will have earned my certification.

That is why, from NOW until the end of June, 2016 I am offering FREE, yes that is right, FREE clearing sessions to all those in my traveling radius.  (Central Louisiana Area; Alexandria, Lake Charles, Leesville, DeRidder, Ft. Polk; as well as the surrounding Beaumont, TX area; surrounding Shreveport area; and some East Texas Areas)

Space Clearing can be done from a distance as well, much like reiki.  I will be extending this same offer to those outside of my traveling range, but for a shorter period of time.  I must meet a requirement of more in-person sessions than distance sessions, so I must shorten the time I offer my distance clearings from NOW until end of April, 2016.

What sparkling two-fold amazingness!!!  I get to meet new people, practice and perfect my own skill at a technique and “practice” I have come to love, and YOU get to try out what this Space Clearing is all about without any financial risk to yourself.

If you are interested in more information, please contact me at, PM me on my Facebook page, or call me at 254-462-4594.  (please leave a message if I do not answer, or you can text me as well)

Thank you for visiting.  Bright Smiles and Blessed Be.