Magickal book club

I was recently inspired by Charis Melina Brown to start a monthly book club.

I love to read.  I love to read with others.  But, being a homeschooling; hippie bohemian; self-growth student myself, I don’t always get the opportunity to sit and read, or else I feel so overwhelmed by EVERYTHING ELSE in my life I don’t FEEL like I have the time or brain capacity to read.  Fortunately books are always there.  It’s not like they whither away and disappear on my shelf…..they just collect dust.  Anyway.

I would like to start a monthly book club for anyone and everyone who wishes to join up.  Just keep up with me and you too can follow along with me and my book reading.  I will, hopefully, be posting  a weekly video about how far I have gotten and what I am getting out of each book.  Feel free to join in and leave your comments about each book as well.

Happy reading all.



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