Angel Tarot Reading: Week of 15Feb2016

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Here is the message I was given by the Angels to share with you this week. ENJOY!!!

The High Priestess is a religious and spiritual leader, a guide. She provides for us instruction and guidance to what it is we seek, never telling us which way we should or should not go.

This week, Haniel’s message to me is of good or positive energies. These positive vibes are all around you and resonating with you on a personal level. You may want to share with the world the great things going on in your life, but this is a time to remain silent, stay within and to yourself. To be silent is one of the tenets of magick and a very important one at that, and so it is important at this time to keep to yourself and be one with Universe…..your own personal cuddle time with no one else to have to share it with. Do, or start that spiritual work you’ve been thinking of. Be silent. Listen. Don’t speak. If you are talking and making noise sharing, and posting, and tweeting all the great things you see happening right before your eyes, you may miss those even more amazing things happening in the background. Don’t miss a message from Universe.

Standing in the smallest sliver of sunlight on a cold winter day can bring a great amount of warmth and a feeling of nourishment during a time when the Sun has been so weakened.

Uriel is telling you to bask in that sliver, in that ray of light. Things are good and your intentions and actions are successful. You may not be able to see the result as of yet, but things must happen on the Astral plane, the Spiritual plane before they are able to manifest on the Physical. Have faith in you, be confident in your skills and work, and stay your course.

The Page of Earth, reversed, can be a bit of a confrontationalist. Not in a negative way though, but in a positive one. The Page can take on, whole heartedly, the aspect of a Devil’s Advocate… making it necessary for you to look at a situation from a different point of view. Right now, I see a glove has been dropped, and a challenge has been raised. Are you willing to accept this challenge? Are you willing to step out, push your own limits, and challenge yourself? New ideas are formulating in your mind, but the only way you will be able to see them through is if you are strong enough to weather the storm and meet the challenge you yourself have put on the table.

If you are ready, know the angels are always there to guide you. Look to Haniel and Uriel for their help with this challenge. You do not have to face it alone, but to grow, you must face it. Ask Uriel for his help in thinking the matter through, formulating solutions, and finding the confidence to trust in your ability to make the decisions needed to be made. Ask Haniel to help you with honing your intuition; with having the faith to trust your gut, your instincts. Listen to them both and rise to the challenge Page has lain before you this week.

Have a very Bright and Blessed week, and may the Angels be with you always.

Rev. WildSerenity



Family Journaling

Family Journaling_Blog

Have you and your family ever had one of those times where no matter what was going on there was some level of bickering, arguing, unhappiness….just plain ‘ol tension in the house through and through?

Our family has those times…..those moments. They aren’t all the time, and they aren’t even often, but we fall in the pit a few times a year.

When we fall into these not so pleasant situations, I as the Wife, the Mother, the “Feminine” of the home begin to feel as if I am failing my family. I sometimes, though not necessarily right, take on a great deal of the pressure and responsibility in trying to keep our house a home, keep our family unit a cohesive and happy one. Now, this is not ALL my responsibility, and I know this, but I do enjoy this “job” this “tasking” I have put on my own shoulders. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I hold high standards for myself and those around me….but I am most disappointed in MYSELF when I fall subpar to those standards I have set. So, when our family falls into this little rut, I can take it personally.

This past November began feeling a bit stressful in the home. I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why. Nothing was any different from other years. Financially we were ok….never where we “want” to be, but all our needs were met. Thanksgiving was coming in hot and heavy and we, my husband and I, knew that Christmas was right around the corner. I believe the normal pressure of those two holidays, along with our whole family’s displeasure with having to live where we were, and not being able to be where we wanted to be had started to mount. The kids were really beginning to miss their friends where we had moved from a year before, and we all just missed how much we absolutely LOVED our old “home”.

At one point, I became disappointed in how much I felt my children and husband were taking our lives and the things we had/have for granted. There was always a gripe about this thing not working right, or that they wanted a better of that thing, or even the persistent requests for more and MORE things that were so far beyond the norm of what any family really needs to live a happy life. The bitching, moaning, groaning, whining and complaining were just getting to me…..and I include myself in that part. So I came up with a brilliant idea and just prayed my husband would go along with it.

I went to the Dollar Tree one afternoon with a single minded goal….find four small journals or notebooks and four “special” pens for all of us. I went home from that shopping trip with four small spiral bound notebooks with little decoration on the front, and four “special” pens….I spent a total of $8. (some people believe they must have expensive, nice perfect ‘things’ to make a difference in their life. Me, not so much) I took my booty home, set it on the dining room table (where all things collect as we walk through the door) and started dinner.

When my husband got home, I was in the kitchen still cooking dinner. He came in to say hi, take off his boots at our smaller table, and tell me about his day. I listened and we discussed all that went on at work, then I turned to him and started telling about my day. I actually just told him about how I was feeling about the tension in the house; about the constant bickering and unhappiness; about how much it was stressing me out and making me feel very “blue”. He agreed with all I said, and said he had noticed it too. That is when I asked him if we could start journaling as a family after dinner. I wanted to start Gratitude Journals. The intent, I explained to him, was to help our family to get back out of a “gimme gimme, I want I want” attitude, and into a more loving, and grateful attitude for what we already have. He, to my great surprise, agreed to do it.

Our first entry was on November 22, 2015. We have not written in them consistently, but we write in them when it is needed. I will have to admit that I honestly thought our children would balk at this idea and fight us the whole way, but they didn’t. They have actually taken to it quite nicely. In the beginning it was slightly challenging because they would whine for the first few minutes about not knowing what to write about, even though I would provide verbal prompts, or short discussions before we began to write. When we finish our writing, we take turns sharing what we wrote if we wish too.

I have been quite surprised by the level of my children’s ideas and gratitudes. They are 12 and 13 years old, and when I decided to start this journaling thing, I was SERIOUSLY feeling as if I had created these horrible, greedy, ungrateful, unappreciative little monsters; I had been feeling like a terrible mother for allowing them to learn the behavior of taking things and people for granted. But, to my glorious surprise, I was completely wrong, jaded by my own expectations of them and not the reality of who they were. This journaling has opened up a window to a part of my children’s souls I don’t get to see much, actually at all. I knew it was there, I truly did. My babies can be some of the most amazing little people at times. My son actually gets upset when we can’t go to the local soup kitchen to volunteer because he has come to LOVE doing so, he truly enjoys interacting with so many of the patrons there. My daughter despises going shopping for her friends’ birthdays or Christmas…she always wants to make them something from her heart. But these weren’t enough for me to see that I wasn’t raising selfish, small hearted monsters…to my own shame. It was the opening of the door, the giving of permission, and the promise of a safe and sacred place that helped to highlight a very special place in my children’s souls.

Journaling as a family has also helped shine light on mine and my husband’s relationship. It has helped me to see him in a different light when it comes to certain topics or subjects. Where I sometimes feel my husband is cold, indifferent, closed off, uncaring, etc……I’ve found that, even though deep down I knew this was all BS in my head, his emotions and feeling are dug in deep. He simply doesn’t like the pain of “feeling”….he’s actually a very sensitive man, I have begun to realize, and getting all feely weely makes him uneasy. By journaling, he has been able to share those emotions and feeling he keeps deep down.

All in all, the idea of journaling as a family has been quite amazing. I am able to get my own thoughts down; we as a family share what it is we are grateful for that day and every day; we as a family get to share why it is we believe we are a blessed family; we share smiles and laughs; we have each been able to let our walls down and shed tears, be vulnerable and support each other during that very sacred time at our dinner table. I absolutely love our journaling time and do try to make it more consistent, but hey, life happens……my only wish is that I had started this many years ago.

Warrior and Wolves program

Everyone has a story, everyone, even Me.  Sometimes I can share my story, sometimes I can’t.  One is not always sure how much they can share with those who have never seen what they have seen or experienced what they have experienced…..One is not always READY to share what they have on their minds.

I can fall into both situations, where I don’t know how far I can go in what I have to share, as in detail wise, as in what would actually end up causing my “listener” indirect trauma through my sharing…..and there are times I just can’t delve into my memories, the sights remembered that I have locked behind closed doors.  I know for a fact that many soldiers, Military Veterans, had it “worse” than myself, but I like to remind myself and others that share WITH ME that nobody has the right to judge you and your experiences.  What one person would consider “not a big deal” may cause another long lasting emotional turmoil.

This video touched me when I watched it because just this afternoon I had a daymare about my own memories.  The short of it was, I began having an emotional breakdown, a SEVERE panic attack when the traumas from my time in Iraq were reopened for me.  When it was explained to those around me that I was a War Vet, they tried to calm me by reaching out to my Warrior side by addressing me as my rank and name.  The person called out to me, “SPC Poston….SPC Poston, you’re home….You’re home and you’re safe.”  I weakly looked up at the person and simply said, “No, I’ll never be home.”  I woke up, for real, in a cold sweat and crying…..this is 11 almost 12 years after coming home from that war zone.  It became all too real to me that these five words rang loud and clear, and so very true that it was painful, my heart swelled and ached…..No, I’ll never be home, and mentally and emotionally, I truly never will be wholly home.  A piece of me….some small piece of me, my soul was left there in Iraq, never to return to me.  This I understand, and this I have learned to live with, although it does come raring back full charge every once in awhile.

This was a daymare, but a daymare of reality for me.  I live with this “breakdown” this “panic attack” just barely held back.  This is how it is for many soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors….any Vet who has been traumatized at all.  They live knowing it could happen at any moment….that breakdown….and they live in fear of not being able to control when that breakdown happens.  Groups like this, the Warriors and Wolves program, bring hope…so much bright and shiny hope.

Yes, I may be an ordained minister.  I may be a well read, skilled, and active spiritual learner, but I am human, I have wounds, I have a memory bank and things I cannot shake.  It does not make me less; I believe it only makes me more…just as it does each and every other person out there.  I like to live my life with the windows thrown open and sunshine flowing in, with faeries flying around farting glitter…..because I never can tell when my curtains may become steel walls that I cannot open.



New Year, New Moon, New Beginnings

Each year, on January 1st, we start over…..our days, our resolutions, our goals, our dreams.  It is almost a never ending cycle.  Throughout the year we accumulate mental lists of accomplishments, failures and “to-dos” left undone.  Developing a good habit of reviewing these tick-marks can help us to do more, go further and dare to dream bigger each year….because the accomplishments list will get longer and the failures and “undones” will slowly get smaller.

I wish to share with you one way in which you can start this good habit in the form of a New Moon ritual and meditation.  New moons are known for their energetic properties of cleansing and banishing, yet are also well known as a time of new beginnings.  It’s just lucky for us that the first major moon phase in our new year just happens to be a New Moon.

May your New Year, 2016, bring you blessings and bright experiences.

Lighting the way

Guidance is such a simple act in life that can lead to either purity and goodness, or to dark imbalance. Guidance is the one thing I see lacking in our children today….and even within our own ranks as Grown Ups.

I don’t know how things were back in the good ‘ol days, but it feels as if there is a major disconnect between our Olders (not elders, just olders) and our younglings now more than ever I’ve heard stories about. My generation, the few ahead of us and the few behind us who have begun to procreate are seriously lacking in the guidance department of our children. It saddens my heart that we have bred laziness into ourselves over the last few decades so much so that we are literally raising each others children. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in the whole “it takes a community/tribe/street block to raise a child”….only to a point. It is not the responsibility of everyone else to teach morals and ethics to another’s offspring, and it’s an especially ugly situation when that parent decides to put you in your place for stepping out of line…..even though had they been a part of that child’s playtime and been guiding them to be kind and fair players the situation would not have unfolded.

Not only is there the lack of guidance that I see from parent to child, but then there is the ever-growing problem of MIS-guiding our youth, and even each other. To guide one is to mentor one, or to raise one, or to help one to mold themselves into whatever they are to become. But if you are coming from a jaded perspective then the result will be another jaded person. I’ve seen that there is not the act of guidance going on, but the act of self imprintation onto others. The Ego overriding the Spirit.

I really think that what I’m talking about here is the difference between actually guiding someone, or helping them to find the path THEY choose, then helping them to stay on it; or even reevaluate and change if they feel the need…..and planting your own impressions on another and making sure they do not veer from YOUR idea or path you have chosen for them.

Guidance is not pointing the way out for another; it is allowing them the room to see ALL the choices and to make the decision on their own. This is even more true when you see someone going down the “wrong” path. You can’t always say that the path is wrong for them; it may end up being a tough journey, with many MANY obstacles in their way, but it just may be the path they NEED to be on. As a Guide/Mentor, it is only our “duty” to be there for them, to be their mirror so that they can make adjustments to their own itinerary, be there for them, love them through every mistake they make and keep on encouraging them. Not admonish them for wrong doings, but talk with them and help them to see why their choice of action was wrong/hurtful/etc. It is never our jobs as a Guide to step in and make the decisions for them, or to dictate what to do and where to go.

If more people would learn what proper guidance was; Spirit-led not Ego-led, then I believe our society would become a more peaceful, responsible, and accepting place to live.

Is it Faith or is it Belief?

Do I have a Faith or a Belief?  Do I follow a Belief or a Faith?  Is it a Belief system or a Faith in?

To be honest, these questions have come up for me while working on myself over the past few years.  I feel I have grown so much recently that there just can’t be anymore to room to grow….but I constantly find there always is.  Many of my Self-Discovery/Motivational books I read talk about Faith and Belief.  Having belief in yourself enough to make things happen, and having faith that what you Will into your life will appear.

I’ll be honest though, these two words escape me much of the time.  They are very difficult for me to discern, separate.  By definition, they are SO VERY SIMILAR that I tend to want to use them interchangeably.  But they are different words, aren’t they?, with different meanings, huh?  Why else would they have two separate entries….right?

(from Webster’s dictionary online)

Definition of FAITH

1 a : allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty

   b (1) : fidelity to one’s promises (2) : sincerity of intentions

2 a (1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion

   b (1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) : complete trust

3 : something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially : a system of religious beliefs       <the Protestant faith>

on faith

   : without question <took everything he said on faith>

Definition of BELIEF

: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

: something believed; especially : a tenet or body of tenets held by a group

3 :  conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially    when based on examination of evidence

The more I struggle with the meanings and the differences in them, the more I realize you cannot have one without the other.  In my understanding of the two, you cannot have Faith without Belief.  Nowhere in the definition of Belief is there a need of Faith, but in the definition of Faith you must already hold a Belief.


Religiously speaking, belief would be the unwavering “trust”, infallible “knowing” that God/Spirit is there and will always be there; the state of mind that makes God/Spirit real to you.  But faith is the loyalty you have to God/Spirit even when you cannot hear them, see them, touch them, or even feel them.  Faith is the conviction you have that no matter the circumstances, you will always stand your ground.

I think it was very well explained on this blog I visited:

“What is belief? It is a principle, proposition, idea that is accepted as true; opinion, conviction; religious faith; trust or confidence. What is faith? It is the confident assurance in the character and nature of God; a strong or unshakeable belief in something, without proof or evidence.”……..“My faith says that God is good no matter the outcome of my situation. I believe that God can save the day. I believe that He can work miracles. My faith says that whether or not I follow Him will not be dependent on things working out to my benefit. It says that I will follow Him no matter what.”

It takes a belief to hold faith.

Belief in yourself is just as important; before you can have faith in yourself and always hold true to you…you must have a strong belief in who you are.

Once you are convinced or have conviction of who you are, then you can build the faith needed to always be your best friend and get out of your own way when it comes to building your dream life.  The hardest part of this all is finding the CORRECT beliefs about you.  It’s not an easy task…I know.  I’m not writing out my ass here, I’ve been there, I’ve walked it and I’m walking it still.  Believing in yourself actually is a very easy task; but it is the positive constructive, supportive beliefs that are so difficult to dig out and hold on to.  When you have the negative belief structure of who you are, you will always have faith in yourself to do no better than be the negative person you have grown to believe in.  Once positive and loving beliefs are put in place, then no matter how bad of a day you are having or how shitty things are in you life, you will always remain faithful in the fact that you are a gloriously wonderful person.

I chose this topic because faith is not just about religion or spirituality.  Faith is about you and the love you have for you. Just as the blogger stated …..“My faith says that God is good no matter the outcome of my situation.”, your faith should say that you are good no matter the outcome of your situation.

Learn to hold a great value and belief in you, the same you hold for your deity/ies; and so have faith in your inherent good and beauty just as you have faith in your God/s, or else you would not follow them so lovingly and loyally.


nhamil75,, Faith vs Belief,

Desert-ed (a prose)


Across the sand I see your footsteps;
ahead of me I see you standing, clothes flapping in the wind.

The heat singes my face; my hair clings to the nape of my neck; sand picks up in a cloud and flies through the air.

For a moment I am blinded.

Your figure obscured and lost in the cloud. When it finally settles, I see you are walking away from me. I try to walk, but cant move my feet; the sand has buried me up to my knees.

I struggle and pull.

I frantically claw at the dirt that falls back into place like powder.

I look up….. straining to see you.

My throat begins to knot up; tears well up in my eyes; from the corners of my eyes mud flows like molten lava down my face. My tears burn; they dig crevasses into my cheeks.

The wind picks up and more sand envelopes me.

The Sun, so bright and hot pierces my skin; He digs at me body and spoons out my life.

I am now buried up to my chest. The pressure is so heavy; my heart beats fast, then faster; I have given up trying to breathe and just allow my body to do as it will.

I can still see a shadowy figure moving ahead of me. I try to call out to it but I only cough up dust; my throat is so dry; my mouth is as hot as the desert sands.

I look around one more time, looking for any sight of life, anything to memorize and take with me. I look for some comforting thing in my final minutes to live. I look around and all I see is desert, rolling hills of red sand and nothingness.

This place looks so dead and depressing; then I notice the heat waves. The heat waves dance in all merriment. They dance with such grace and finesse; The cacti that I finally spot, flourish and find a way to thrive in such a horrid terrain.

I see a salamander scamper directly in front of my eyes, he looks at me and blinks, knowingly.
He tells me he understands.
Understands what?, I don’t know.

I close my eyes and try again to cry, but the tears, they are gone; stolen by His breath.

I close my eyes and speak, in my head.
I ask you why you left me here to die. Why did you leave me.

“I saw you, I was coming to you, why did you leave me?”

And you answer, “My dear, dear child, my woman, my mother, my Priestess, how could you think I left you? Can you not see me, I am here”

I open my eyes to see the person behind the voice I hear, but no one is there.
“Where!!, where are you?!” my hoarse and sandy voice spoke out.

“OPEN YOUR EYES!!! OPEN YOUR HEART!!! Look at me!!! Can you truly not see me? Can you truly not feel me? Do you not know me? And I dare to call you my Priestess!! I have been here the whole time. I did not leave you, YOU came to ME!! I graciously welcomed you into my home and you disrespect me this way?!”

I can no longer open my eyes and see the desert around me.

I see nothing…nothing but darkness.

But… now… now I feel a cool moisture begin to wrap around my scorched body;

I feel small tinges of life sprout from my feet and seek out the source of this moisture.

AH, I have found it; A wonderfully cool stream underground.

I can see the roots of those cacti from earlier, and burrows from small animals dug out through the walls of the cavern.

“Oh my Lady, forgive me. I beg of your forgiveness.”

“No forgiveness is needed to be asked for, my Priestess. I never left your side. You asked me to wait for you, and I did. You asked me to speak with you, and I am. You must open your heart and your mind AS WELL AS your eyes my child. I am not only that which resides on the surface, nor am I only that which you can see. To find the true nature of Me and your Lord, you must look beyond….this is true for your fellow man as well. Stay here child, stay here and rest. Let yourself go and allow me to heal your mind. You are within me and I am your Lady. In my womb I create, but here I also heal. Stay here. Feed off of my stream. Heal your heart and mind. Follow the example of the cacti and the tree. Grow steady and strong like the tree, but know your strengths and the distances you must go to reach your dreams such as the cacti. Now sleep, sleep my Priestess and awaken with a new sight, live your life, carry out my bidding and always return to my well and drink from my stream when you need.”

Believing in Belief

What do you believe in? How do you know it is a belief and not fact? Is there really a difference between the two?

I’m not really here to debate all that, just wanted to get the brain juices flowing….for me, to be honest. Belief is a very strong way of thinking. Many wars have erupted simply because of beliefs, either the difference in or the agreement of, between two separate sides. Belief really is an everyday conscious goings on. In today’s world, it is not necessary to drag your ass out of bed to survive if you don’t want to….just look at our social services programs….but again, that is another blogger’s realm. Going back to that example of getting your ass out of bed…..if you don’t believe you have any reason to crawl out of bed, then you wont; although back in the day there were MANY reasons to get up beginning with harvesting your crops so your family would survive. The belief that your family would suffer if you did not was motivation enough to move yourself.

For me, belief is a very SACRED thing.

To be honest, I am one of those who struggles with the “pulling my ass out of bed”. I sometimes find it hard to find the belief that there is anything worth getting up and taking care of….short of taking care of my children. They are, more than most of the time, the only reason for me to do so. Some can also relate this simply to psychiatric “issues” as well….call it what you will….

this still does not cover Belief as Sacred to me. Let me get to that point before I run in any more circles here…..

Having a belief is like having a set of core moral/ethics or reasons for doing something; the definition of belief is to accept something as true or real. For me, I accept my religious beliefs and the morals/ethics I find inherent in them as true and real. Ask any of my friends, or anyone who truly knows me and they will tell you that my religious/spiritual practices are my life and make up a large portion of who I am. This is why I feel that Beliefs are Sacred. I mean, you could argue that…
“Of Course They’re Sacred!!!! It is something you believe to be true, so why wouldn’t it be sacred?!!”
Very easily….there are some out there who take on certain beliefs to “fit in” or to keep from “rocking the boat”. There are those who hold beliefs because others have them; because they have been coerced into believing they, too, hold those beliefs as their own; or by way of many other instances. These people have not searched for and found the reasons for these beliefs in their heart and souls. Yes, they have accepted them as true and no harm in that, but they have not done it out of the journeying to find this truth within themselves. They have taken on the beliefs, or agreements, as a cop-out, and easy way out of doing any true self soul work, and also found a scapegoat for themselves, within themselves for acting on something that they do not inherently believe deep within.
This is why I say Beliefs are Sacred. To me, beliefs are not some fly by the night, wisps of smoke type of thing. Beliefs are who you are, and what you are. If you carry beliefs that are not truly yours from your soul, then who the hell are you …..really?

….TRUE Beliefs are so very individual and so very unique that they can never be some one else’s.

….TRUE Beliefs are those that you hold dear to you, that nobody for no reason could ever change within your world.

….TRUE Beliefs are Sacred because they are who and what you truly are, at the core of You.


Awakening. What is an Awakening? Is it hard to do? Is it painful? Is it natural?

I would say yes and no to all of the above questions. (from here on out, please note that ALL within this entry is MY OPINION or MY INTERPRETATION this way I don’t have to continually say “my definition” or “my understanding”) My definition of an Awakening is when you have a sudden moment of realization. That immediate A-HA moment when all in the world makes sense; when you understand the workings of the Universe on a more intimate level and internally feel the connection between Us all. It’s that moment when you have reached a different level of consciousness, a level and place where you cannot turn back from. To me, that is an awakening.

Now, I also believe you can have many awakenings throughout your lifetime. A Spiritual Awakening is not quite the same as a Spiritual Enlightenment. An Enlightenment is when one has reached that level of “all knowing” and need not reach any further levels of Awakenings. An Enlightened One would be Buddah-esque in nature; having reached the highest level of enlightenment they can achieve. ALTHOUGH, I do not believe everyone has the same level of enlightenment, nor the same level of Awakenings. I believe that is all based on the energetic capacity that their spiritual self, their Higher Self has been matured too, or can handle. That will be for another discussion. Back to Awakenings….

For any one individual to reach their personal level of enlightenment, they must go through any number of Awakenings. These awakenings can be brought on by just about any action or experience that jolts their internal balance. Some of these Awakenings are like a slap in the face causing such a traumatic rush that they really don’t understand what happened. This could happen by near death experiences, seeing someone else have a near death experience, being a victim of some violent crime (pick one and insert here); but they don’t necessarily need to be harsh and negative. Watching the birth of a child, of any living creature can indeed cause such a reaction in the Self, experiencing a great amount of joy, or as simple as accomplishing some feat you never thought possible THEN being recognized for it. But this way of Awakening, unfortunately, does not always last.

When you are “thrown/pushed” into an awakening, your results are highly unlikely to last because you have not been trained (you as in your Higher Self) in how to maintain this level of awareness. I would like to compare it to Body Building or just plain ol’ weight training. I always heard that the brain/mind is just like any other “muscle” in your body. The more you work out, the stronger it gets; but leave it idle and it will become flabby. Just like a body builder must continue to work out daily to maintain their physique, so does a Spirit Builder need to work out daily to maintain their level of awareness. NOW, I’m not saying that once you reach a certain level and stop using it then it will disappear; no. Again, to the body builders. Even if they do not work out, they will maintain their level of muscle mass, only it will become weaker, softer, less cut and distinct. Their muscles don’t just vanish, but they can become less useful unless they keep them maintained. The conscious and mind is the same when you are talking about Awakenings. If you want to remain in the level of awareness you reached, or better yet, wish to progress; then workouts are a must. Visualizations, meditations, readings, writing, physical activities that will produce the results you are looking for are the kind of workouts that a Spirit Builder will need to be in practice of.

All in all, awakenings can be very difficult to achieve, or they can be dropped in your lap. They can be very painful mentally, emotionally and spiritually; but they can also be very energizing and peaceful. Organic in nature, yes awakenings are completely natural…..they may be induced by outside inhibitors, but even those in some way or another are natural.

If you wish to reach different levels of awakenings, or experience one period, I suggest you do some soul searching. I suggest you work hard at learning to navigate your inner You with what I listed earlier; meditations, visualizations, readings, writing, physical activities (such as yoga, tai-chi etc.). Whether you ever truly reach one or not, you will be working to raise your personal energetic level above the mundane one that holds you captive to this world; you will be developing a newer and better you; and you will definitely be changing your consciousness to be much more open to newer higher energies.

Feel it. Acknowledge it. Accept it.

As of late I have read so much hoop-lah and lah-di-dah about “be happy”, “let your inner light shine through”; “if you want to be happy change something, if you aren’t and don’t want to be continue what you are doing”.

Well this is a whole lot of bullshit. Yes, BULL SHIT!! I’m sorry, but sometimes there is a need to let things run their course.

If you are unhappy or depressed (feeling blue), then dammit, let it run its course. Don’t fight it like a Matador in a bull fight, you will lose; you will tire and it will overpower you.

NOW!!!!!….hear me on this, not ALL situations are the same. Don’t get me wrong. There are those of us out there who fight depression and unhappiness regularly and it has become a chronic thing for us….im not FULLY talking to you. But even if you are one who falls into this category, hear me out, please.

Depression is not a disease in the manner of viral or bacterial. Depression is a Dis-Ease within the body, between the body and the soul/spirit. (yes yes, there are all those wonderful medical tags and things that go with it. Neuro receptor this, and chemical imbalance that…..but I’m not talking from a medical view point) Depression, unhappiness, or “feeling blue” is not always a pleasant feeling, but neither is it a bad one. What it really can be seen as is a sign, a signal, the way your body communicates with you that there is something wrong, that Spirit is imbalanced and needs some attention. It is only a feeling, a dis-ease within you, a discomfort that you must figure out how to handle without letting it handle you. I’m not talking out of my ass here guys, I’m speaking from experience….I’m speaking from a state of UTTER Dis-EASE at this very moment.

Yes, I do suffer from depression. It affects me quite often and just as differently to you as yours may be to me. My depression/low feelings come in seasons; instigated by situations; by not taking care of me; allowing myself to become too stressed and the like; it is even brought on by some of my past memories and sufferings that I still have not been able to come to terms with. They come and go; and when they are here, boy do they hit me hard. But sitting here trying to fight the feelings is almost nauseating. I would prefer to be “in the moment”. I know I don’t WANT to feel this pain and discomfort, but in order for it to pass I must ride it out. To fight it, to question why?, what?, when?, will do NOTHING to help me get through it. All the questioning and fighting does is make it last longer, prolongs the “episode”.

Honestly, I feel the best way to deal with or handle such episodes is not to question how to stop it, or why am I feeling it….but to question what am I feeling. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Note how you feel, literally. Note what thoughts are present when each of these feelings show up. The best ways to combat Depression/Unhappiness/Feeling Blue/Feeling Down is to understand what triggers it and how you and your body reacts. There is no reason in trying to fight it off with some version of “band-aid in a pill”**. If you need to sleep, then sleep. If you need to cry, then cry. Just understand when you have reached the level of too much, or reached the unhealthy level so that you can figure out what path you want to take to correct this imbalance, whether that be mainstream methods or the more natural, holistic, organic methods.

YES…there is an imbalance when you feel this way; whether it be chemical imbalance in your brain or one in the body period; or whether it is simply an imbalance within your heart and soul. There is an imbalance and the balance needs to be brought back into equilibrium. Find your way of “handling” it or managing the discomfort, but PLEASE DO NOT ignore the episode or act as if there is nothing wrong. This is the worst thing to do. Feel it. Note it. Accept it. Manage it. By ignoring it or trying to suppress the fact that you KNOW you are feeling down is unhealthy. All you are doing is caging a wild animal. One day, one day it will break your barriers, your walls, your cages and it will be ultimately bigger than it would have been had you felt it, noted it, accepted it and managed it when each episode came around.

** I do not advocate that you stop taking or not look into taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pill….they ARE of GREAT use to those who truly need them, and yes…I’ve been on them in my past